Meet Mollie

Join me on my mission to spread the love for Ireland and the Irish language! 


Dia daoibh!

My name is Mollie, and I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland ☘️ My friends and my students call me Molls or Moll 😊  

I’m an Irish teacher, and I’ve been teaching online and in top language academies for around 11 years. My mission is to continue to spread my love for the Irish language to as many people as possible worldwide!

I consider myself a very high-energy, optimistic, and patient person. I have many passions such as reading, cooking, and travelling, but most of all, I love teaching Irish, and I love Ireland!  

How I Got Here

I taught my first Irish lesson to my American cousin, aged 7. I was aged 7! It was at a Thanksgiving dinner at home in Dublin, and while she shared her feast, I shared our native language. 

I attended Irish college in the Gaeltacht every summer and became Head Girl in my coláiste (college). That was after being kicked out for saying one sentence in English. It was a very strict place. But the immersion worked!

I travelled around the world, got the Cambridge certificate in teaching, and taught English, before realising what energised me most is immersing myself in the Irish language. I used my skills learning other languages to break down Irish in a way my Irish peers and international students had never been exposed to, and started becoming extremely busy teaching people from all over the world on Zoom.


People are in love with Ireland and our language, and I wanted to share this motivation and excitement with newcomers and people who grew up traumatised by learning Irish!

I was completely booked out, and I realised that I wanted to help even more students, and that’s why I started making online courses.

So far, I am very proud to say that I have helped more than 6,000 students from many different countries, and I want to continue to spread the language to everyone who loves it or loves Ireland!

Why I Do It

Many students come to me saying that they want to move to Ireland or that they want to be able to talk with their partners or relatives in Irish. Others tell me that they want to reconnect with their roots, and some want to learn Irish because they love languages, and Irish is truly unique!

These are super valid motivations to learn Irish, and there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than enabling my students to achieve these goals.

My role as a teacher and as a great lover of Irish culture is to take my students, step by step, to discover Irish in all its multiple forms.

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Fun Facts About Me 

I love writing

I’m in the process of writing a comedy novel. Writing is something I’ve always done, from writing reviews of restaurants as a child to reviewing them properly for my university newspaper. I write letters, short stories, poetry, and one day hope to be a published novelist.




I love running

I started running when I lived in Budapest and I’ve run two marathons. It keeps me focused, positive and generates a rush of good ideas!


I love dancing

I worked as a pony camp gal in the Swiss Alps for a few years and graduated to Zumba specialist! I enjoyed dancing Hip Hop, ballet, and Irish dancing as a kid and found myself taking Sevillanas and Salsa classes as an adult. Now I’m a dance fitness instructor, and nothing brings me more joy than shaking my body to music, while shouting “a haon, a dó, a trí” (1,2,3) to my dance troop for the jigs and reels part of the class.